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Tara M. Clapper

Tara M. Clapper lives in the world of storytelling 24/7, whether creating games or helping brands express themselves. She is The Geek Initiative's founder and publisher, an experienced content manager, and a game designer of innovative LARPs (live action role playing games). A proud geek, she has over fifteen years of experience in digital publishing and marketing.



A Dog Lover’s Review of Amazon’s New Series ‘The Pack’

Being a dog lover stuck at home during the pandemic, I watched Amazon’s “The Pack” as soon as it was available this November. “The Pack” is like “The Amazing Race,” except instead of individual competitors, participants bring their dogs on a worldwide adventure. Typical of reality TV (but at least not attempting to hide it), the show starts in Los Angeles with a glitzy, star-studded intro that doesn’t quite match the rest of the season.

Imperial Magischola [Year 1] Experience: Rewarding, but Not Easy

Content warning: Discussion of verbal and emotional abuse and representation of systemic oppression and fascism. It’s never taken me an entire month to debrief and recap a LARP before. Imperial Magischola (September, 2019) took that long. Created and produced by Learn Larp Studios, Imperial Magischola provided players the opportunity to take on the roles of more privileged students in the magical world.

What is Collaborative-Competitive Larp?

When most people start exploring live action role playing games (larps), they have no idea about how many types of larps there are throughout the world. I certainly didn’t. From full-contact boffer combat to 360 immersion wizard school events, larp encompasses a wide variety of forms, genres, locations, and physical and financial accessibility levels.

Text-Based Roleplay Tips for Larpers

For many people like me, the foray into the world of role playing as a young adult began with text-based adventures on platforms like AOL, or MUDs or MUSHes–even BBS (bulletin boards). For young adults today, the story-based role play journey often starts on places like Twitter or Tumblr. Each of these text-based roleplaying forums has its own set of understood (if tacit) rules, and each community on those platforms typically has formalized rules.

Organizing a One Shot Larp Event: Lessons Learned (Part I)

For over two years, I was warned. I’ve been designing and talking about running a substantial in-person live action role play event for a while. More experienced designers said it would take double the time I planned for it and warned me about a lot of unexpected expenses, hang-ups, and potential legal/liability issues.

Gaming for Veterans: Why the VA Uses Video Games to Help Veterans with Disabilities

The military has been using video games to help veterans with their recovery from physical and emotional trauma. To most gamers, this probably won’t come as a huge surprise: video games enable us to do what we can’t do in the real world; they provide us with an escape and permit us to make achievable benchmarks at our own pace.

Why the E-Sports and Larger Gaming Community Must Address Mental Health

It’s pretty obvious to anyone involved in gaming at large: mental health issues are common, and often unaddressed in the gaming community. With the proliferation of e-sports, professional gamers take gaming success to the next level, but sometimes they also bring poor mental health habits with them.

How to Build a Brand to Attract Customers From Multiple Demographics

Are you interested in exploring a way to attract a wide base of customers? There are countless resources focusing on niche marketing, but corporate giants like Amazon are able to serve customers with a wide variety of interests, beliefs and demographics. How do they manage to create customer loyalty that endures the challenges of a politicized environment, workers’ rights complaints and more?

Video and Worksheet: Larp and RPG Design Document Creation

A game design document is a written way to expresses your vision, describes the content in a your game or experience, and provides enough information to help a prospective player decide whether it’s a good fit for them. When I started designing convention larps about five years ago, I needed some encouragement.

Home Inspections: 5 Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers and Sellers

Home Inspections: 5 Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers and Sellers. When it comes to buying and selling homes, home inspections are among the most nerve-wracking and essential processes. The purpose of the home inspection is to ensure the sound condition of the home and to identify any additional repairs (and related expenses) that must occur.

How to Switch Factions in a Larp: Considerations and Worksheet

In many larps (live action role playing games), game designers and organizers create faction-driven role play. This means the larp features groups of individuals meant to work together based on region, heritage, ancestry, guild, or more. In many larp systems, characters are part of more than one faction.

The Cost of Labor in the Larp Community is $11,482.45 Per Missing Stair

You’ve seen it: the talk about missing stairs in larp. These insidious wrongdoers are the subject of substantial discussion in the larp community—but beyond their lasting, negative impact, how much do missing stairs impact the larp community financially? After dealing with the fallout of a missing stair-related situation in a larp I was initially paid to help market, I took a look at the many hours I’d spent dealing with the issue in hopes of ameliorating the situation.


Tara M. Clapper

Tara M. Clapper is The Geek Initiative's founder and publisher, a professional storyteller and LARP designer, former blog editor at SEMrush, and an active participant in LARP and theater. A proud geek, she has over a decade of experience in digital publishing and marketing.

A veteran of digital publishing in the Philadelphia area, she's worked with A Better World, hibu, Taylor & Francis, and Xlibris.

Tara has authored over 1,000 pieces of online content, some of which appears on notable and influential channels such as,, Hello Giggles,, and New Worlds Comics.

Her topics of expertise include LARP (live action role play), geek culture, women in technology, content writing and management, small business web copy, and entertainment such as movies, graphic novels, books, video games, and comic books.

In LARPs, Tara enjoys playing characters who participate in musical groups, politics, and boffer combat.

She loves sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero movies. She's an avid fan of Marvel's Thor.



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