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Tara M. Clapper

Tara M. Clapper lives in the world of storytelling 24/7, whether creating games or helping brands express themselves. She is The Geek Initiative's founder and publisher, an experienced content manager, and a game designer of innovative LARPs (live action role playing games). A proud geek, she has over fifteen years of experience in digital publishing and marketing.



Video and Worksheet: Larp and RPG Design Document Creation

A game design document is a written way to expresses your vision, describes the content in a your game or experience, and provides enough information to help a prospective player decide whether it’s a good fit for them. When I started designing convention larps about five years ago, I needed some encouragement.

Home Inspections: 5 Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers and Sellers

Home Inspections: 5 Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers and Sellers. When it comes to buying and selling homes, home inspections are among the most nerve-wracking and essential processes. The purpose of the home inspection is to ensure the sound condition of the home and to identify any additional repairs (and related expenses) that must occur.

How to Switch Factions in a Larp: Considerations and Worksheet

In many larps (live action role playing games), game designers and organizers create faction-driven role play. This means the larp features groups of individuals meant to work together based on region, heritage, ancestry, guild, or more. In many larp systems, characters are part of more than one faction.

The Cost of Labor in the Larp Community is $11,482.45 Per Missing Stair

You’ve seen it: the talk about missing stairs in larp. These insidious wrongdoers are the subject of substantial discussion in the larp community—but beyond their lasting, negative impact, how much do missing stairs impact the larp community financially? After dealing with the fallout of a missing stair-related situation in a larp I was initially paid to help market, I took a look at the many hours I’d spent dealing with the issue in hopes of ameliorating the situation.

3 Tips for Writing Last Minute Holiday Content in 2018

Welcome to the holiday season, where consumers feel rushed, frustrated, and inundated with ads. Ready to break through that noise and get that last-minute holiday content out there? Here are some tips to help it land: We often talk about the value of evergreen content in inbound marketing. answering frequently asked questions and addressing your customers and prospects' concerns in a helpful way can earn and retain business—and improve branding.

3 Things To Know About Working With Agencies: A Guide for Small Businesses and Freelancers

At some point in your business career, whether you're a small business owner who realizes the importance of inbound marketing or a writer who is hungry for work, you've probably heard the siren call of the content agency. Content agencies promise to handle the production of materials (usually written) such as web pages, sales pages, emails, and blogs.

Google Search Comments: How SEOs and Content Agencies Must Adapt

Here's a real game changer for digital marketers: Google will grant users the ability to leave comments on search engine results. In accordance with its mission to deliver the most useful results to users, it's a natural move for Google—but what does it mean for SEO agencies, content agencies, digital marketers, and internet users in general?

Larp and the New Girl: May My Mistakes Nourish You

My first live action role playing (larp) adventure was bizarre. We’d been dating about a month, and he asked me to get my renaissance faire gear together and head out to the woods at a scout camp in South Jersey. It was a PVP (player versus player) larp, where character death didn’t matter, but people still got angry about camping the graveyard or who got more heals.

Larp and Intentional Bleed: Unleashing Your Instincts

Have you ever wanted to tap into your instincts on a deeper level, creatively or otherwise? I recently uncovered my ability to do so at Dammerung LARP, a blended live action role play style including inclusive and largely accessible play, European (fest and theatrical) inspired traditions, and North American boffer larp styles.

Inbound Content Topics: 3 Ways to Go Beyond Your Favorite Keyword Research Tool

You get it: the internet is saturated with content. And video, though newer to the scene, is exponentially popular, with 87% of digital marketers using that format. Whether you're going for a classic blog post, an engaging video, or a lead magnet sure to capture valuable email address for your list, coming up with fresh and engaging topics can be rough.

Women in the Workplace: When ‘Not Enough’ is Also ‘Too Much’

Women in the Workplace: When ‘Not Enough’ is Also ‘Too Much’. <img class="progressiveMedia-noscript js-progressiveMedia-inner" src="*ixWC3UZD3JVxFCS1XOw7gw.jpeg"> Image: Once upon a time, I was an ambitious employee at a large business selling websites to small and medium-sized businesses.

Financing for Small Business: A 6 Step Guide

<img class="progressiveMedia-noscript js-progressiveMedia-inner" src="*l6rWVW7AF2oO_vCLUFMnNg.jpeg"> Image: You’ve got the best business concept or existing successful company: don’t lose the momentum.


Tara M. Clapper

Tara M. Clapper is The Geek Initiative's founder and publisher, a professional storyteller and LARP designer, former blog editor at SEMrush, and an active participant in LARP and theater. A proud geek, she has over a decade of experience in digital publishing and marketing.

A veteran of digital publishing in the Philadelphia area, she's worked with A Better World, hibu, Taylor & Francis, and Xlibris.

Tara has authored over 1,000 pieces of online content, some of which appears on notable and influential channels such as,, Hello Giggles,, and New Worlds Comics.

Her topics of expertise include LARP (live action role play), geek culture, women in technology, content writing and management, small business web copy, and entertainment such as movies, graphic novels, books, video games, and comic books.

In LARPs, Tara enjoys playing characters who participate in musical groups, politics, and boffer combat.

She loves sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero movies. She's an avid fan of Marvel's Thor.



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