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Tara M. Clapper

Tara M. Clapper lives in the world of storytelling 24/7, whether creating games or helping brands express themselves. She is The Geek Initiative's founder and publisher, an experienced content manager, and a game designer of innovative LARPs (live action role playing games). A proud geek, she has over fifteen years of experience in digital publishing and marketing.



The 7 Stages of LARP Hype

We often discuss LARP drop, or the feelings of sadness and loneliness you might experience following an event when you’re alone for the first time in a while. But there’s also LARP hype, which happens on the early end of LARP planning. We mostly associate LARP hype with excitement and positivity, but the rush of LARP hype, your interactions with other players and their expectations, and the time crunch at the end can produce some valid feelings of anxiety.

How I Got This Job: LARP Designer

Once I was finished with emails answering questions about the design of our spaceship, I heard distant musket fire. Another idea was calling out the war in me—the war all creative types face. Do I spend my life working tirelessly to build someone else’s dream, or do I fully dedicate myself to my own?
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Episode #49: Amazing Art in Games

In this episode, Cathy & Sarah talk about Amazing Art in Games and Cathy talks with Tara Clapper from The Geek Initiative about her online Live Action Role Playing Game called Chariot LARP. Cathy and Sarah share what they have been playing lately. The links in the game names go to that game’s listing on BoardGame,, or

The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Authors (Special Sci-Fi & Fantasy Focus)

Many indie authors identify marketing as their biggest challenge, especially in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. When you’re creative, it’s difficult to keep writing while you have the responsibility of marketing – especially if you’ve got a full-time job, a family, or other obligations that take time in your day.

Why Did (Only) Half of My Business Succeed?

I've learned more about business in the last three months than I have in my entire life. Following a layoff from a work-at-home content agency role in the summer of 2017, I implemented my next move immediately. It meant a string of eighteen hour days, but it also meant having autonomy and growing my own business. What I learned was unexpected: the part of the business that I thought would be tough to grow has potential for growth and profit. The part that had carried me through lean times in the past just fell flat. Here's what happened.
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How to Merge Your Personal and Professional Brands in 7 Steps

If you’re fortunate enough, there will come a time in your career when the things you like to do and the things you do for a living have more in common than not. If you’re approaching that point, you may consider merging the personal brand you’ve built for yourself and the professional image you’ve curated over the years for a brand. Prospects, clients, and content partners get it: you’re a brand; you represent a brand; but you’re also a person – and that’s actually acceptable now. Here’s a look at how to plan and implement a successful brand merge in seven steps.
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5 Fixable Digital Marketing Mistakes Many Authors Make

As a writer and an entrepreneur growing my own business, I get it: there are only so many hours in the day you have to tell your story. You want to focus on what you’re skilled at doing–and that means getting words on paper. Once you have a draft, you’ve created something, and as you know, it’s just the beginning of the long publication and promotion process for your book.

How to Grow A Geeky Blog

Tara Clapper of The Geek Initiative and CHARIOT LARP and Josh Heath of High Level Games and Keep on the Heathlands talk about their Geeky Blogs. They discuss a series of topics and engage the awesome audience they had at GenCon. Have you ever wanted to get good advice on how to run a Geeky Blog?

Gilead Anxiety: Is It Justifiable?

I have a bad case of Gilead Anxiety. I worry that America could become like the nation in “The Handmaid’s Tale,” called speculative fiction because it is a look at what things could become. Despite the marketing materials, the interviews, and the feminist subcultures in which I conduct most of my business and personal life, I’ve heard it said:

6 Reasons Why LARP is Not Just a Game

If you’re a LARPer (live action role player) or even just know a bit about LARPing, you’ve probably heard it: “LARP is just a game.”. As a staff member and new LARP marketer of a small American fantasy boffer campaign game back in 2010, I quickly realized the power and importance of this phrase. When players became emotional or upset over a rule or a plot, I mistakenly thought it was helpful to remind them that LARP was just a game.

Dragon Thrones – High Immersion in a LARP MegaGame

Entertainment. Escape room. Map-based MegaGame. Boasting so many features, Dragon Thrones was an ambitious and collaborative production. Produced by The Game Theatre and fully funded on Kickstarter in January of 2017, this game came onto the U.S. larp scene as ambiguous and expensive, and its presence and success were not necessarily anticipated by members of the larp community.

How LARP Made Me a Badass at Work

Guest Post from Tara Clapper of The Geek Initiative and Mythbuilders. Few professionals emerge from high school, trade school, or college with the badassery required to act fully confident in their respective field. In any job, you grow as you learn – but you can enhance your confidence and other work-related skills through the magic of LARPing.


Tara M. Clapper

Tara M. Clapper is The Geek Initiative's founder and publisher, a professional storyteller and LARP designer, former blog editor at SEMrush, and an active participant in LARP and theater. A proud geek, she has over a decade of experience in digital publishing and marketing.

A veteran of digital publishing in the Philadelphia area, she's worked with A Better World, hibu, Taylor & Francis, and Xlibris.

Tara has authored over 1,000 pieces of online content, some of which appears on notable and influential channels such as,, Hello Giggles,, and New Worlds Comics.

Her topics of expertise include LARP (live action role play), geek culture, women in technology, content writing and management, small business web copy, and entertainment such as movies, graphic novels, books, video games, and comic books.

In LARPs, Tara enjoys playing characters who participate in musical groups, politics, and boffer combat.

She loves sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero movies. She's an avid fan of Marvel's Thor.



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